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Hidroxa - your personal reseller of iontophoresis devices

At Hidroxa, our mission is to help people that are affected by hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating. We're offering a simple, effective, and accessible method for treating hyperhidrosis called iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is a scientifically tested technique with proven positive results. More than 90% of our customers experience a massive sweat reduction using our iontophoresis machine. Dr. Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic, licensed physician and Hidroxa co-founder, has multiple years of experience working at a specialized sweat clinic as well as doing some research on the subject.

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m cdag iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
m cdag has submitted a review about Hidroxa
“Have been using the iontophoresis machine for about 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. I purchased it to treat aquagenic wrinkling of the palms, and I had it so bad I had been showering with gloves on for 2 years. After about 3 sessions of iontophoresis I have been able to say goodbye to the gloves and my hands look almost normal after exposure to water. I had tried topical antiperspirants before and nothing worked; this machine has changed my life. My condition is related to sweating so I would have sweating on my hands now and then, and that is gone too. Also have to say customer service is amazing! They always answer my emails on the same day and are extremely nice and helpful! Thank you !!“
Lotta iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Lotta has submitted a review about Hidroxa
"I have suffered from excessive hand sweat since I was a teenager and I bought a iontophoresis device this spring. After 9 treatments I was totally sweat free and since then I have only had to perform maintenance treatments twice a week. I perform these 2 days in a row. My self esteem has really improved and it is absolutely amazing not having to worry about occasions when I need to shake someone’s hand. I am so pleased! Best purchase ever!"
Eva iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Eva has submitted a review about Hidroxa
"After only 2 weeks of treatment of my feet every other day I can feel the effect! Totally amazing!"
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  2. Hidroxa iontophoresis SE 20
    Hidroxa iontophoresis SE 20
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Instructional video for treatments with Hidroxa's iontophoresis machine.
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